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Hispanic Families Thriving at Lourdes Academy

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

Learning in a diverse school helps students understand the different perspectives in the world in which we live. Meeting people from other races, religions and cultures means students learn how to dispel negative stereotypes and personal biases about different groups.

At Lourdes Academy, the largest minority in the student body is Hispanic – about 30 percent. There are great opportunities for students to connect and learn about others and themselves.

"Lourdes Academy is a perfect example of diversity and multiculturalism."

“Lourdes Academy is a perfect example of diversity and multiculturalism,” said Nanette Paredes, whose youngest son attends Lourdes Academy, and her oldest is a graduate and attends Fr. Lopez Catholic High School. “Everybody is here is connected, regardless of their ethnic background.”

For Nanette, Catholic school was a definite for her boys. She had been planning to send them since they were born.

“I wanted my children to not only have a good education but to grow up in their Catholic faith, have a routine of praying and respect for God and the church. I wanted the boys to have the same opportunity to go to Catholic school that I received.”

The connection between Our Lady of Lourdes Church and Lourdes Academy is especially important for Nanette and her husband, Enrico.

“We have been part of Our Lady of Lourdes Church since our kids started at Lourdes Academy. The first time we visited the school and church, we felt welcome. It was like they had been waiting for us to join. We are part of the Latin American Ministry at the church, and it has given us a special connection with other Hispanic families through service projects and social activities.”

Nanette believes the best thing about Lourdes Academy is the dedicated teachers. They are there not just to teach, but to really identify a child’s potential.

“It’s their enthusiasm and the extra work they do to make learning fun. It makes a difference in each student’s education. When we switched schools and transferred the boys to Lourdes Academy, they would always ask, why didn’t we transfer sooner!”

If you want to see what Lourdes Academy is all about for yourself, click here to book a tour.

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