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School Tour - What to Expect

Updated: Mar 4, 2020

Keep reading to see the 7 questions parents should ask themselves after they finish the tour and are deciding on a school for their child.

Taking a school tour is one of the best ways to get the real feel of a school environment on an average day. The feel of a campus does vary greatly from school to school. When you make an appointment to visit Lourdes Academy you can expect to:

· Feel the family connection. Lourdes Academy is known for its connection between students and their families, administrators, teachers and more. Lourdes Academy is a place of comfort and welcome.

· Learn about high academic standards. Students are encouraged to excel in the classroom, and resources are in place to ensure they do. Our Director of Student Services, Amy Matzke, ensures that students who need extra help or an extra challenge are accommodated. Lourdes Academy graduates excel in Catholic and public high schools and beyond.

· Observe our diversity. Lourdes Academy prides itself on being a welcoming, inclusive school for all who desire a Catholic education. Lourdes Academy is know for its diverse population of students, with a breakdown of 60% white, 30% Latino/Hispanic, 10% African American and Asian.

· Experience faith-based education – As a Catholic school, we teach the fundamentals of Catholicism, have daily morning prayer and weekly mass, but there is so much more. Lourdes Academy middle school students performed 1,966 hours of volunteer service in the 2018-2019 school year. Elementary students also experience the opportunity to give back on the school campus. Faith-based education instills good character and develops good citizens and leaders for life.

Your tour guide will take you around the school campus and includes stops at the:

· School office

· Playground area

· Classroom where your child would attend

· Media Center

· Cafeteria

· Dropoff and Pick-up area

· Church – where morning prayer is held daily and mass weekly

In addition to seeing the physical locations and meeting teachers and staff you will be able to ask any questions you have about Lourdes Academy including our nearly 20 extracurricular activities, our elementary and middle school sports programs which more than 80% of students participate in, free breakfast and lunch, our after school care program, and available scholarships.

Seven Questions Parents Should Ask Themselves When Picking a School for Their Child

If you are looking at schools for the first time for your child, here are a few things you might consider.

1. Trust your gut. Parent intuition is huge when it comes to selecting a school that is the right fit for your child.

2. Do you feel satisfied with what you heard from the staff and saw on the tour?

3. Can you see your child attending school here and being happy?

4. Can this school assist my family if my child requires more than just basic needs?

5. Consider the after-school opportunities for your child. Look for creativity. Are there opportunities for my child to try something new and uncover a gift or talent they enjoy?

6. Are the middle school students succeeding in academics and preparing for success in high school and college?

7. Are the middle school students developing leadership qualities that will carry them into the future? Starting clubs, committing to community service and more.

You might wonder how one school can claim to have high academics, a family environment, diversity and faith-based education. These are the traits our families say Lourdes Academy delivers daily to their children. We are confident that you will see them in action on your tour.

It’s not too early to think about where your child will go to school next year. Click to book your Lourdes Academy tour now.

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