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Non-Catholics with Kids in Catholic School

“I know she is going to grow to be a successful and well-rounded adult.”

Doesn’t that phrase sum up what all of us want as parents? Guiding our children to become great adults is the main goal in parenting.

Chris Via, 30, is the youngest mayor in Florida. He leads the city of Holly Hill and is dad to eight-year-old Aubrey, three-year-old Blaire and a newborn son named Harrison. Aubrey is in third grade at Lourdes Academy. Via is already convinced Aubrey is going to be a great adult, in part, by the education and foundation she is getting at Lourdes Academy.

“If you want your child to academically succeed and be a success in all areas of life – this is what Lourdes Academy provides,” said Chris Via. “This foundation is so influential in her future, academically and spiritually. They are grooming her for success in life: socially, spiritually and academically.”

When deciding on a school for Aubrey as she entered Kindergarten, her parents’ first criteria was all about academics.

“We choose Lourdes Academy from the beginning because of the academics,” said Via. “That was first and foremost. We wanted Aubrey to get a great education. We were blessed by the bonus of the school’s religious teachings that has benefited Aubrey spiritually as a person.”

Chris describes his family’s faith as non-denominational Christian, but he was raised Catholic. He says they have never felt any pressure or expectation of becoming Catholic or attending Our Lady of Lourdes Church that is affiliated with Lourdes Academy. The family attends a non-denominational Christian Church. The Via’s are accustomed to religious differences among family members.

“My mom is Catholic, my dad is Baptist, and my Godfather is Jewish,” recalls Chris. “We have a wide variety of religious beliefs in our family. But we have found a fit that works for Aubrey at Lourdes Academy.”

The Via’s practice their faith at home through bible study and prayer. But since Aubrey has attended Lourdes Academy the transformation in her faith journey has been dramatic.

“I’m constantly amazed at the knowledge that Aubrey has about religion as a whole,” says Chris. “I can see there is a spiritual aspect at her school that is truly feeding her soul. She impresses me with her understanding of God, Jesus and the Bible. She prays at night with compassion – for the homeless, for kids with disabilities, and even those who hurt her feelings.”

In addition to the spiritual education Aubrey is getting, Chris feels that she is also safe at Lourdes Academy.

“Another bonus is that Lourdes Academy is a smaller school. There is one class per grade, and that means everyone knows each other,” says Chris. “I feel comfortable and confident in sending Aubrey to school at Lourdes Academy because I know they don’t tolerate any behavior issues and that is critical to a positive learning environment.”

Overall, Aubrey’s first four years at Lourdes Academy have been outstanding, explains Chris.

“We are extremely blessed for the opportunity that Aubrey has been given to attend Lourdes Academy.”

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